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affectionately Shoebox Moses

The journey for Sammy started by being found in a Shoebox, in his home country of the Philippines.  He was adopted and brought to the United States where he resides in Denver Colorado.

Since the start of his musical career, he has been blessed with a versatility that can only come from being raised by a family of musicians, and you will find him wielding a Guitar, on a Microphone, or behind decks of a DJ Console.

He is in constant rotation with the worlds most influential entrepreneurs, and fortune 500 companies as the go-to entertainment and host.

Bringing a passion to the artistry of entertainment that is not only witnessed but felt, he has etched his way into the history books by living out his destiny as a world entertainer.


And many more…


At the heartbeat of my entertainment is music. The following page has all of my current music and some of the past projects I’ve worked on.

I’ve had the opportunity to play in many different parts of the world over the last decade and this reflects in a lot of the music.

Looking forward to seeing you at a show in your city soon!